Join the Space Connect Authorised Partner Programme

    A compelling, risk-free proposition for your business and for your end-users

    Space Connect is by far the easiest, most flexible, affordable and risk-free way ever for businesses to optimise their meeting space, desk space and visitor experience.

    Our compelling end-user proposition, and strong partner model make Space Connect a winning opportunity for your business, whether as an authorised Distributor, Reseller or Partner.

    • Uniquely fast and easy to deploy
    • Easy self-configuration
    • Low monthly SaaS price for customers
    • Meeting room and huddle space management
    • Desk and Visitor management
    • Data analytics



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    Benefits of becoming an authorised partner

    As an authorised Space Connect Distributor or  Reseller you’ll have exclusive access to our online partner portal, a dedicated business success manager, training and support. What's more, the benefits of the Space Connect solution for partners, are extensive:

    SC - space connect short sales cycle icon

    Short sales cycle


    SC - space connect easy configure icon

    Easy to configure

    SC - space connect fast sales cycle icon 1

    Fast to deploy

    SC - space connect recurring revenue icon

    Recurring revenue

    SC - space connect success manager icon

    Dedicated Business Success Manager

    SC - space connect training icon

    Online + face-to-face training

    SC - space connect partner portal

    Online partner portal

    SC - space connect partner customer support

    Partner customer support

    SC - space connect partner marketing icon

    Dedicated marketing support

    SC - space connect sales referral icon

    Sales referrals

    The Space Connect Partner Portal

    Space Connect Partner Portal


    As an authorised partner you'll have access to all the benefits of the Space Connect Partner Portal, including:

    • Partnership overview and pricing model
    • Products overview
    • Brand guidelines and assets
    • Product brochures / marketing material
    • Integrations
    • Support
    • Training


    Launch Partner Portal

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    Want to become an authorised Space Connect partner?


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