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    Matt Makan

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    Further and Higher Education space management: 4 ways to optimise workspace and learning space on campus

    Simplifying and streamlining management of higher education real estate use – for faculty, staff and students alike – is high prio...

    Workspace analytics and reporting – understanding the variables for drilling your data

    5 crucial steps to nailing the variables that will unlock the value of your workspace Today's desk-based workplaces look very very...

    Workspace reporting cheat sheet: 20 questions to ask of your data

    Here's an eye-opener: Today's office space occupancy levels are 70% down on 2019!

    How to address the 5 most common staff concerns about hot desking

    Whether you call it hot desking, desk sharing or desk hoteling, one thing is certain - it's here to stay. But hot desking represen...

    All desk booking systems are not equal - watch this video to find out

    The desk booking and desk management tech market has grown exponentially over the last 20 months.

    How we rolled out a fully flexible desk booking solution across 6 sites in just 2 months

    Check out my video below, introducing the case study of how we helped Travis Perkins Transition to fully flexible workspace manage...

    From zero to hero: ‘Zero Trust’ security and what it means for workspace managers

    How ‘Zero Trust’ security has moved from buzzword to an essential requirement of workspace IT access management.

    8 steps to transform your office with smart workplace management

    The radical changes in office and workspace use over the last 18 months of Covid have created a lasting legacy.

    Your free guide : How to launch a successful hybrid-working model

    Check out my video below, introducing our free guide to launching a successful hybrid working model, including:

    Free guide to reopening your workplace Covid-securely

    Check out my video below, introducing our free guide to office reopening, including: How to ensure a Covid-safe working environmen...

    12 secret ingredients to make your desk management system a success

    Flexible and hybrid working models all rely on one pivotal enabler: An effective desk booking system. 

    Desk management across 20+ sites and 400+ desks in < 3 weeks!

    Check out my video below, introducing the remarkable case study of how Space Connect rolled out Covid-secure desk management acros...

    Key lessons COVID-19 can teach us all about access controls

    The last 12 months of Covid-19 have shone a spotlight on the need for organisations to move their workplace access control systems...
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