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    Tony Harper

    Tony Harper

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    Co-working spaces – The 4 key challenges, and your best solutions

    Today’s flexible-working models have left many Workspace and Facilities Managers facing a fundamental strategic challenge:

    Unlocking the hidden gems in your workspace usage data: Your 10-point cheat sheet

    The last two years have seen an exponential acceleration towards hybrid working. As a result, current space occupancy averages are...

    Get stacked! Why and how to use workspace restacking: The 10 considerations you must cover off

    Workspace restacking is the reconfiguration of existing space, most commonly to create more collaborative spaces.

    Employee engagement and workspace management trends we can expect to see this year

    Engaged employees are more satisfied, more productive, and less likely to leave the company.

    New Space Connect feature releases make it even easier to manage workspace

    March was a busy month for our Product Development team – launching some major new Space Connect feature releases and product enha...

    4 ways QR codes are changing the workplace

    Recent, turbulent times have elevated the visibility of QR codes hugely.

    Your workspace analytics and reporting strategy: The 5 key factors you must nail at the start

    Laying the groundwork, to unlock the hidden data secrets of your workplace. The last 2 years have seen dramatic changes in how org...

    5 steps to avoid employee burnout at your workplace

    The upheaval wrought on organisations and staff over the last 2 years have led employee well-being to become a crucial talking poi...

    7 steps to integrate a visitor sign-in system into your workplace security strategy

    These days, it's not uncommon for businesses to place a heavy emphasis on cybersecurity, while overlooking physical security. Over...

    Discussion: The future of the workplace - post lockdown, and going forward

    Space Connect's Matt Pope and Matt Makan claim no access to a crystal ball! But their candid discussion around the future of the w...

    Discussion: 2 newest releases in Space Connect's updated suite of Covid security features

    Space Connect Founder, Matt Pope, and Channel Sales Manager, Matt Makan, recently sat down with our video team to discuss the late...

    All-new, co-brandable Space Connect Partner collateral pack

    Short but sweet blog to update all our Authorised Partners (and potential Partners, looking for innovation in the workspace tech m...

    5 ways desk booking software can increase office productivity

    As workforces continue their return to the workplace, sweeping trends in workspace usage are being seen globally - focused on the ...

    How to reopen your workplace with a hybrid-working model: Part one

    The benefits, options, models and criteria for defining and delivering the best-fit hybrid-working, Covid-secure office re-opening...

    The contactless workplace: Surfaces – not people!

    Getting back into the workplace is all about face-to-face contact: Contact with colleagues, teams, managers, new starters, old fri...

    Cheat-sheet for planning a Covid-safe, employee-first office reopening

    As more businesses see their employees returning to the office over the next few months, creating a safe and secure workplace is a...
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