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    How to address the 5 most common staff concerns about hot desking

    Matt Makan

    Whether you call it hot desking, desk sharing or desk hoteling, one thing is certain - it's here to stay.

    But hot desking represents a radical change for some  employees who, pre-Covid restrictions, were used to - and were happy in - their own personal desk space and comfort zone.

    Returning to the office in a long-term hot desking set-up can raise concerns and objections from staff, that workspace and HR managers need to be able to address.

    In this blog we'll explore the 5 most common staff concerns and misconceptions around hot desking, and provide practical advice for addressing these issues.

    The top 5 most common hot desking staff concerns

    • Desk sharing will isolate me from my team members.
    • Sharing desks will stop me from being productive.
    • I won't get a desk I want.
    • Collaboration will be mandatory if I use a shared desk.
    • Hot desking means I won't know where anyone I need to talk to is sitting

    1. "Desk sharing isolates me from my team members"

    The right desk booking technology will enable you to create and control designated, bookable desk zones - for teams, departments, work groups etc.

    What's more, your hybrid working model can include different kinds of workspaces that promote communication and collaboration, such as teamwork benches, informal break-out areas and 'chill' spaces.

    Aside from zoning, there are fresh benefits for staff in hot desking.

    It provides a chance, if wanted, to break out of departmental silos, make new workplace connections and friends, and enlarge the working circle.

    2. "Sharing desks will stop me from being productive"

    It’s a common belief that “hot desks” mean a random, noisy workspace that's hard to focus or concentrate in,

    The right desk booking technology helps employees easily find and book the best desk for their needs - depending on the particular requirements of their current tasks, This in turn, increases individual productivity and employee satisfaction.

    3. "I won't get a desk"

    The concept of hot desking suggests mobility. An employee might not have the same workstation every day they are in the office, but with desk management apps, they can plan ahead to ensure they have access to a desk whenever they need it.

    Hot desking and desk booking

    What's more, the right desk booking solution will enable you to easily switch desks from 'hot' to pre-assigned 'essential worker' fixed desks, if required.

    4. "Collaboration is mandatory if I use a shared desk"

    Collaboration can be an effective strategy. But equally, sometimes more private space is needed for staff members to focus and work on their own.

    Desk sharing doesn’t force people to collaborate. Using the right desk-booking software enables workers to book a desk in either a collaborative zone, or a quiet, 'lone-working' space - as and when they require.

    5. "Hot desking means I won't know where anyone I need to talk to is sitting"

    Once again, the right desk management or desk booking solution will enable you to provide employees with:

    • Clear visibility over who is onsite at what times
    • The ability to easily locate their own pre-designated key contacts
    • The ability to easily locate key contacts such as a fire warden or first aider
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