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    Discussion: The future of the workplace - post lockdown, and going forward

    Space Connect's Matt Pope and Matt Makan claim no access to a crystal ball! But their candid discussion around the future of the w...

    8 steps to transform your office with smart workplace management

    The radical changes in office and workspace use over the last 18 months of Covid have created a lasting legacy.

    All-new, co-brandable Space Connect Partner collateral pack

    Short but sweet blog to update all our Authorised Partners (and potential Partners, looking for innovation in the workspace tech m...

    5 ways desk booking software can increase office productivity

    As workforces continue their return to the workplace, sweeping trends in workspace usage are being seen globally - focused on the ...

    Workspace solutions and IT challenges: Considerations and benefits of Space Connect for IT leaders

    This blog aims to provide practical advice specifically for IT managers who are looking to implement a workspace management and op...

    Your free guide : How to launch a successful hybrid-working model

    Check out my video below, introducing our free guide to launching a successful hybrid working model, including:

    An introduction to navigating the world of proptech for the workplace

    This blog is designed to provide an introduction into the world of proptech.  

    Free guide to reopening your workplace Covid-securely

    Check out my video below, introducing our free guide to office reopening, including: How to ensure a Covid-safe working environmen...

    Employee wellbeing programmes, part 2: The 5 most important next steps

    In part one of this two-part blog, Space Connect founder, Matt Pope, explored the first 2 crucial steps in building an employee we...

    8 steps and 40 ideas for building your employee wellbeing programme

    Part 1: The first 2 of 8 crucial steps to building an employee wellbeing programme that delivers ROI.

    12 secret ingredients to make your desk management system a success

    Flexible and hybrid working models all rely on one pivotal enabler: An effective desk booking system. 

    Part two: Workplace reopening with a hybrid model: How to make it work

    How to make it all work I'm Patrick Graff, and in this second part of our 2-part blog exploring hybrid working models, I'll take a...

    How to reopen your workplace with a hybrid-working model: Part one

    The benefits, options, models and criteria for defining and delivering the best-fit hybrid-working, Covid-secure office re-opening...
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