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    Your free guide: How to build a successful employee wellbeing programme

    Patrick Graff

    The talent recruitment market is red-hot right now.

    Which is great for job candidates. But for many businesses it means recruitment and retention is a struggle.

    Prioritising employee wellbeing is really crucial for winning and keeping talent.

    So we've produced a practical new guide for Facilities, Property and HR Managers & leaders, catchily titled:

    8 steps and 40 ideas for building a workspace-centred, employee wellbeing programme.

    Step by step, this 12-page practical guide:Cover-inside-Wellbeing-Space-Connect optimised small

    • Breaks down the key elements of an effecting wellbeing programme
    • Explains how to manage workspace, to nurture wellbeing
    • Explores ways to nurture employee's mental and social needs at work


    The Guide reveal the 8 crucial steps, AND 40+ success factors you need to know, to make it all work.

    You can download this free guide right here, for stacks of practical office re-opening advice.

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