First impressions count - including your smart car parking

Our enterprise-level smart parking solution is uniquely flexible, delivering real time bay reservation, through to complex parking technology including APNR, cameras and bay lights. 

And because it integrates with other SmartSpace modules, including Visitor Management, you'll be creating a seamless visitor and employee experience.

Outstanding features of our Car Parking module

5 flexibility

Uniquely flexible solution

3 integrations

Integrates with other SmartSpace modules

6 carparking

Real time availability status

4 reporting

Parking space usage analytics and reporting

car parking phone app

Uniquely flexible car parking solution

The SmartSpace Car Parking module provides enterprise-level customisability.

From bay reservation, through complex parking technology including APNR, we can meet any level of requirement.

With SmartSpace, your car parking will hit the spot.

visitor management welcome screen

Create a seamless visitor experience

Our Car Parking module connects with other SmartSpace modules, so you can create a seamless visitor experience, including:

  • Visitor management - a complete car to meeting room service

  • Desk and Meeting Management - book and locate the right space for your visitor

  • Wayfinding - route your visitor to the correct meeting point

Car Parking app

Real-time parking availability status

With SmartSpace your car parking availability is there on your employees' phone apps, in real time.

Our solution connects with soft sensors to enable real-time space booking:

Check. Reserve. Park.

SpaceUsage analytics image

Car parking space usage analytics and reporting

Our cutting-edge hard or soft sensor solutions enable you to monitor and track in real time which car parking spaces are being used and parking occupancy levels.

What's more, SmartSpace enables you to report on space usage patterns over time.

Now you can identify under-utilised car parking space and plan for future requirements.

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