It’s time to mobilise your greatest asset

The SmartSpace mobile app puts the workplace in the hands of your most valuable assets – your people.

What makes the SmartSpace mobile app different?

No one matches both the functionality and sheer usability of our workspace mobile app. 

If user-adoption of your workspace technology is a priority in your plans (and honestly, it really should be) then the SmartSpace mobile app will be one of the sharpest tools in your kit.

Outstanding features of our market-leading mobile app

1 user friendly UI

Slick, smooth and engaging UX

11 feature rich

Functionality-rich interface

way finding icon

Superior visual wayfinding

10 mobile access

Mobile facilities access

smartspace mobile wayfinding image

Superior wayfinding saves time and boosts productivity

SmartSpace enables highly-visual and user-friendly point-to-point wayfinding, in the palm of your employees’ hands.

Users can easily locate the quickest route to their nearest free desk, a colleague, their next meeting, etc - all from their phone.

Colour-maps and live point-to-point directions make finding your way a walk in the park.


On-the-go space booking for truly flexible working

The SmartSpace mobile app allows your employees to book spaces in seconds; whether it’s a meeting room, a desk or a parking space.

Detailed floor maps show in advance and in real time where required spaces are free, and provide a super-smooth booking experience.

This is how you enable a truly agile and flexible working environment.


Mobile access control for faster, more secure facilities access

SmartSpace Mobile gives employees a more speedy and secure way to easily access your workplace facilities

From parking, to front-desk speed gates, to their smart-locker, our app puts it all in your employees' hands.

Now you can replace access control keys, cards, fobs and badges with one, mobile-based, secure solution.

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Unrivalled multi-function connectivity

Our mobile app delivers unrivalled connectivity.

With SmartSpace, your employees can use their mobile as the touchpoint for all the key functionality of our smart workplace platform:

In short, our ap will smoothly connect your employees to the people, places and information that matter.

See our mobile app in action

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