Get ready for the new tech-driven intelligent workplace providers

Back when activity based working (ABW) was starting to gain real traction in places like Australia in 2013, we ran some research on which companies were most influential on the organisational leaders that were driving adoption of the work style. For many technology vendors and service providers the results from our more than 50 in-depth interviews with ABW adopters (now more than 250+) were somewhat of a shock. They weren't even close to being in the top 3, despite agressively promoting the idea of work anywhere, anytime through mobile tech and collaboration or social enterprise tools. The leading influencers were: #1 workpace strategy specialists; #2 interior designers; #3 peers that had adopted ABW; #4 real estate management firms and furniture providers.




In technology, much like fiction, unicorns are rare, mythical creatures, which most only ever dream of capturing.

In tech start-up land "unicorn" has become the moniker for a company that has achieved the valuation of $US1 billion, and in the United States only about 0.14 per cent of tech start-ups ever reach that status. 

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