Self-uploadable interactive floor maps give you complete flexibility and control

    Imagine being able to upload your own floor maps to your meeting and desk booking app, make them live in minutes, and change them whenever you want.


    With Space Connect that's exactly what you can do.

    Space Connect's interactive maps let your users view floorplans, see available spaces, and click on the map to make bookings - all on our user-friendly app. 

    With our self-manageable maps, you’ll save serious time, gain complete flexibility, and make it very easy for your users to find and book available spaces.

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    Upload, change and manage your interactive floor maps in minutes

    Now you can flip and move desks and meeting rooms, change how your workspaces are used, and deliver complete workplace flexibility:

    • Create and use your own workspace floor plans, including ‘3D’ graphics
    • Upload plans instantly, to create interactive maps for super-easy searching and booking
    • Configure and re-configure maps for desks, rooms, huddle spaces and zones in minutes

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    “Post-lockdown, flexibility became incredibly important. Because we had Space Connect, we were able to very quickly and easily reconfigure the entire working model to fit the restrictions around workspace capacity”

    Kedar Viswanathan
    BUPA Australia and New Zealand



    Change and configure your interactive floor maps in minutes:

    No support tickets, no third party mappers, no waiting, no extra costs

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    Quickly and easily configure map interactivity with drag & drop editing

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    Add your own custom labels and define any desk or space easily, for your users

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    Enable super-fast app deployment. Set-up an entire mapped floor, in minutes

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    Change desk and room layouts anytime, and update your maps right away


    Use your own, unique floor plan designs

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