Why SmartSpace is the best choice for your workplace

    Welcome to the world's leading, super-flexible workspace management platform.

    Powered by a single platform and driven by a cutting edge mobile app, SmartSpace is easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to scale.

    Our modular solution empowers your workspace and your people to be more efficient and productive.

    With SmartSpace, your real estate costs come down and employee motivation and productivity go up.

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    On average, 40% of office space is unoccupied on any given day, rising to 60% including unoccupied desks*.

    We’ll empower you to fix that.

    Based on independent research conducted by the PHA group*

    At the heart of the SmartSpace solution is our powerful Workplace platform, connecting 8 integrated modules, all via a super-user-friendly mobile app.


    Meeting room management


    Desk management


    Visitor management


    Car parking




    Events management


    Employee engagement



    See how SmartSpace can transform your workplace

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    5 reasons SmartSpace
    is your smartest choice

    1. One single, innovative platform integrates 8 modules - so it’s fully flexible and scalable to your needs
    2. The user-friendly mobile app puts your people at the very centre of the smart building experience
    3. Our tech and room sensors are cutting-edge - providing deep insight into your space usage
    4. Open architecture and API makes SmartSpace uniquely integrable with your existing tools and apps
    5. Smartspace is hardware agnostic - it fits with your current ecosystem

    Some of our standout features

    • Historic and predictive analytics enable your most effective space planning ever
    • App-based employee rewards incentivise employee uptake and behaviour
    • Uniquely user-friendly app maximises user engagement
    • Mobile app includes 3D maps and real time people, place and information finding
    • Cutting-edge sensors provide pinpoint space usage data
    • Integrated, realtime space usage reporting and analytics in one place

    30% of office employees spend 15 to 30 mins every week searching for free meeting rooms – that’s more than 25 hours per employee lost each year*.

    With SmartSpace, you’ll cut that to zero.

    Book a demo today to see how SmartSpace will help you:
    • Cut room wastage
    • Maximise real estate ROI
    • Reduce cost per desk
    • Increase people-to-building ratio
    • Ramp up employee engagement
    • Increase employee productivity
    “SmartSpace Workplace is changing how we work at UBM, with a solution that employees can truly interact with.”Richard Bowers.
    Head of Estate Management, UBM

    SmartSpace Software is used by over 3,000 businesses across the globe to transform their workspaces…


    Who we are

    Originally known as Redstone Connect, we’ve been leaders in providing space management solutions for over 15 years.

    We developed our cutting-edge tech in the retail and hospitality sectors, creating ground-breaking environments and user experiences.

    From there, we brought all our innovation and experience to the workplace, transforming how employees engage with their working environment.

    Today, our clients include some of the world’s biggest banks, media organisations and manufacturers.

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