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    Comprehensive, fully-integrated workspace management features

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    Welcome to Space Connect

    Ready to transform your workspace?

    Here you’ll find a game-changing approach to workspace management tech. 

    Here, you'll find powerful, user-friendly, integrated visitor, desk and meeting room  management for a scalable solution at an affordable monthly price.

    With same-day setup, easy self configuration and no min contract, this is the easiest way ever to optimise your workspace.

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    6 reasons Space Connect is your best choice:

    • Exceptional affordability and value
    • Comprehensive, integrated functionality
    • Super-fast deployment 
    • A no-risk, no min-term agreement
    • A 'no hardware required' platform
    • 3 integrated modules to choose from or combine


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    Your fully configurable, end-to-end workspace management solution: 3 integrated modules - a scalable solution at an affordable monthly price.

    Fully configurable, end-to-end workspace management solution

    Find out why Space Connect<br> really is a ‘no-brainer’ choice Find out why Space Connect
    really is a ‘no-brainer’ choice

    Dive Into More Detail

    What makes Space Connect so radically different?

    Blockers? We hate them. So we’re super-proud to be knocking down the
    3 biggest blockers to smart workplaces:


    Workspace management tech takes weeks or months to deploy.

    Not with Space Connect.

    With us, deployment takes less than an hour!
    Configuration is so easy you can do it yourself.


    Full-feature workspace tech is unaffordable for most businesses.

    Not now it isn’t.

    From just £4 per month.
    No hidden extras.
    For a full enterprise-level, integrated feature set.


    Getting stakeholder buy-in for workspace tech is a long haul.

    Nope, not any more.

    Space Connect comes risk-free.
    No lock-in contract.
    No minimum term.
    No set up fees.

    Unlock the power of our partners.

    We work with the systems you already use.

    See our hardware partners

    Is Space Connect right for your business?

    Yes it is! If you answer yes to these points…

    Integrated solution

    You want any or all of visitor, desk and 

    meeting management



    You want a low

    monthly fee

    Easy rollout

    You want very fast and easy deployment

    no blockers

    You don't love minimum term contracts

    Ready to transform

    You’re ready to transform
    your workplace

    Your next step?

    Book a quick demo to see how Space Connect
    will help you quickly, easily and affordably:

    • Cut your<br>Room Wastage
      Cut your
      Room Wastage
    • Cut your<br>cost per desk
      Cut your
      cost per desk
    • Max your<br>real estate ROI
      Max your
      real estate ROI
    • Empower<br>your employees
      your employees
    • Create a happier, more<br>productive workplace
      Create a happier, more
      productive workplace
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    On average, 40% office space is unoccupied
    on any given day, rising to 60% including
    unoccupied desks*.

    We’ll empower you to fix that.


    Based on independent research conducted by the PHA group*Increase employee productivity