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Exceptionally affordable and flexible
desk management

Space Connect’s unique Desk Management module enables you to self-configure, re-configure, scale and tailor your desk booking model in minutes.

Desk booking and desk management features

Security pre-screening questionnaires

Touch-free desk check-in, inc QR codes

Detailed, drill-down desk-user contact tracing

Desk sanitisation alerts

From just £5 per month, per desk, no other solution makes it so easy for your users to find colleagues, search, book and check-in to available desks, securely, all from their mobile app.


Completely flexible terms

Our contract terms are just 30 days’ notice. So you get the ability to scale your desks up or down, as you need – without being boxed into long-term desk management agreements.


Instant desk activation & deactivation

With Space Connect's desk management, you can add or remove, activate or deactivate available desks in seconds, and pay only for the desks you set as ‘Active'.


Self-uploadable, interactive floor plans

Upload, change and manage your interactive floor and desk plans in minutes, for same-day setup and instant desk reconfiguration.


Fast and easy desk booking

The Space Connect App makes delivers an intuitive, fast and easy end-user desk booking experience - including automatic 'booking conflict resolution'.


Third-party desk bookings

Space Connect enables your admins to make or cancel desk bookings on behalf of members of your staff, your Execs, or whole teams.


Key contact finder

Space Connect’s ‘Locate Me’ feature enables your staff to find any pre-defined key contact, in seconds. Staff can then easily book a desk near where a key contact is seated, as required.