Meeting room management, from just £15 per month

    Here’s a thing that frustrates employees and business alike… the meeting room experience!
    Double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings waste your people's time and energy.

    So Space Connect makes meetings easy.

    Use our Meeting Room app to reserve or book any meeting space, book catering and invite attendees from your phone.

    Integrate your meetings seamlessly with visitor management and automate meeting room check-in with video conferencing.

    All this good stuff is made quick and easy with Space Connect – and can be configured in minutes!


    Just some of our Meeting Room Management standout features


    Calendar integration and Outlook add-in


    Catering & event management


    Visitor management integration


    Conference call integration

    Outlook calendar plugin for simplified integration

    Get real-time meeting and event information across all your existing calendar apps. And keep your Exchange/Google calendar environment as the ‘single-source-of-truth’.

    Seamless visitor management integration

    Automatically identify, pre-register and invite outside meeting attendees. And with Space Connect you get visitor facial recognition or QR codes for automatic visitor check-in.

    Easily manage your meeting and event catering

    Space Connect includes a user-friendly calendar add-on that makes it easy for you to manage catering for all your meeting bookings.

    Video conferencing automation

    No more time wasted trying to set up and connect conference calls. With Space Connect presence detection tech, video-conference meetings are automatically initiated when people arrive.

    Manage meeting bookings on the go

    Create, cancel, end and extend bookings from the Space Connect mobile app, with automatic sync to your existing calendar, and real-time notifications for bookings, check-in and cancellations.

    Automated meeting and event check-in

    Choose to automatically check your users in and out of meeting rooms with soft sensors and presence detection. 

    Advanced room panel integration

    Space Connect integrates natively with leading touch screen room panels as well as tablets, to show room booking details and status, and enable on the spot bookings and check in.

    Central DIY administration

    Easily manage behaviour and features of rooms including floor plans, bookable hours, presence detection and resources visibility using our fast and user-friendly configuration portal.

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