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Advanced visitor management features with exceptional value

Now you can easily create and manage a tailored visitor experience, integrated seamlessly with your meeting room management.
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Visitor management features

Configurable visitor types

Customisable branding of app & badges

Detailed visitor reporting & capacity planning

Touch-free visitor sign-in with facial recognition

From just £69 per site, the Space Connect Visitor Management module delivers outstanding value, with advanced features such as AI-driven visitor face recognition, alongside quick, easy and flexible self-configuration.


Automated visitor pre-registration

Space Connect automatically pre-registers visiting meeting guests and sends an email with their host's details and a pre-registration code. Now that's a fast, easy and super-slick sign-in process.


Photo capture and badge printing

Our ID features let you capture a photo of visitors and send it via email alerts to the host. Plus you get inclusive visitor badge printing complete with photo, for added security.


Automated visitor notification options

Whether you have a visitor, contractor or delivery, you get a range of automated notification options driven by configurable visitor types.


Customised branding

Create an impressive brand-unique experience for your visitors  with customised visitor management branding, backgrounds and button colours. And it takes just minutes to set up.


Digital agreements

Space Connect gives you digital visitor agreement and document signing, so you can capture acceptance of Covid-security policies, your privacy notice, and T&Cs.


Multiple visitor types & unlimited visitors

With Space Connect you can register unlimited visitor numbers, and register multiple types of visitors.