Visitor management, from just £30 per month

    Space Connect brings the power of AI to your visitor experience.

    Our Visitor Management (VM) app recognises your visitors’ faces and voices, for a super-fast and impressive visitor check-in.

    What’s more Space Connect integrates your visitor management with your meetings, for automated pre-registration of visiting meeting guests.

    You’ll get automated visitor notifications including via SMS and email.

    And all your VM, including branding, alerts and badge printing can be easily configured by your own team in minutes – a unique and much-loved feature.


    Just some of our Visitor Management standout features


    AI Visitor recognition


    Automated visitor pre-registration


    Meeting management integration


    Automated visitor notifications

    Automated visitor pre-registration

    Space Connect automatically pre-registers visiting meeting guests and sends an email with their host's details and a pre-registration code. Now that's a fast, easy and super-slick sign-in process.

    Photo capture and badge printing

    Our ID features let you capture a photo of visitors and send it via SMS and email alerts to the host. Plus you get inclusive visitor badge printing complete with photo, for added security.

    Automated visitor notification options

    Whether you have a visitor, contractor or delivery, you get a range of automated notification options including SMS and email, driven by our AI visitor recognition.

    Customised branding

    Create an impressive brand-unique experience for your visitors  with customised visitor management branding, backgrounds and button colours. And it takes just minutes to set up.

    Digital agreements

    Don’t get caught out by the GDPR or health and safety. Space Connect gives you digital visitor agreement and document signing and storage, so all your bases are covered.

    Facial recognition

    With Space Connect you get visitor voice and facial recognition, so you can automatically remember and welcome them, for a faster and slicker check-in experience.

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