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6 Ways to make a visitor feel welcome using a visitor management solution:

A visitor management solution can significantly enhance the visitor experience from the moment they walk through the door.

Here are six ways to make your visitors feel welcome using this technology:


1. Pre-Registration 

Pre-register visitors before their arrival to eliminate the hassle of signing in on-site, showing foresight and respect for their time.

2. Efficient and Easy Check-In:

Implement a streamlined check-in process using self-service kiosks or tablets. Visitors can quickly sign in, take a photo for their badge, sign the visitor agreement and wait for their host.


3. Comfortable Waiting Area:

Ensure that your reception area is welcoming and comfortable. While the visitor management system handles the administrative side, focus on providing amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments, and comfortable seating. 


4. Customisable Badges:

Provide customised visitor badges that include the visitor's name, company & host name. This not only enhances security but also makes it easier for employees to address visitors by name, adding a personal touch to their visit.


5.  Host Notifications: 

Automatically notify hosts when their visitors arrive. This ensures that hosts are prompt and prepared to greet their guests, reducing waiting times and making the visitor feel valued and expected.


6.   Emergency Information and Safety Briefings:

Integrate safety and emergency information into the sign in process. Provide visitors with brief safety instructions or emergency procedures as part of their sign in demonstrating that their safety is a priority and ensuring they are prepared in case of an emergency.



By incorporating these strategies into your visitor management solution, you can significantly enhance the overall experience for your guests, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued from the moment they arrive until after they leave.


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