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Crestron-integrated meeting room booking with Space Connect

Fast, easy and powerful plug & play full-feature room scheduling

Crestron room panel features

At-a-glance details of location and availability

Scheduling status with key meeting information

Coloured LED bar for indicating room status

One tap for reserving meeting spaces for ad hoc meetings

Your complete full-feature room scheduling solution

With the power of Space Connect and Crestron combined


Customise design

Add your own background and logo that matches your room and brand identity



Enable users to check-in directly via the panel and automatically release rooms for no-shows


End & extend

One-touch ending and extending bookings that sync with Exchange (O365) or Google Calendar

Combine our fast and easy room booking with Crestron's at-a-glance availability indicators

  •   Space Connect is all about making it fast and easy for you to get the workspace experience want.
  •   Pre-configured, out-of-the-box Crestron-integrated hardware solutions include room availability indicators.
  •   All indicators are USB powered and connect directly to a scheduling touch screen.
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SC - crestron room indicator - crestron

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