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    Further and Higher Education space management: 4 ways to optimise workspace and learning space on campus

    Simplifying and streamlining management of higher education real estate use – for faculty, staff and students alike – is high prio...

    Co-working spaces – The 4 key challenges, and your best solutions

    Today’s flexible-working models have left many Workspace and Facilities Managers facing a fundamental strategic challenge:

    Get stacked! Why and how to use workspace restacking: The 10 considerations you must cover off

    Workspace restacking is the reconfiguration of existing space, most commonly to create more collaborative spaces.

    Employee engagement and workspace management trends we can expect to see this year

    Engaged employees are more satisfied, more productive, and less likely to leave the company.

    How to address the 5 most common staff concerns about hot desking

    Whether you call it hot desking, desk sharing or desk hoteling, one thing is certain - it's here to stay. But hot desking represen...

    Your workspace analytics and reporting strategy: The 5 key factors you must nail at the start

    Laying the groundwork, to unlock the hidden data secrets of your workplace. The last 2 years have seen dramatic changes in how org...

    The top 10 messages to encourage staff back into the workplace

    When the UK government dropped its ‘work from home’ guidance on January 19th this year, did something else drop too?

    5 steps to avoid employee burnout at your workplace

    The upheaval wrought on organisations and staff over the last 2 years have led employee well-being to become a crucial talking poi...

    Your free guide: How to build a successful employee wellbeing programme

    The talent recruitment market is red-hot right now. Which is great for job candidates. But for many businesses it means recruitmen...

    Hot desking and office productivity: 5 win-win outcomes

    Hot desking isn't just about flexible working: It's about office productivity. Because changing the way desk space is used can cha...

    8 steps to transform your office with smart workplace management

    The radical changes in office and workspace use over the last 18 months of Covid have created a lasting legacy.

    5 ways desk booking software can increase office productivity

    As workforces continue their return to the workplace, sweeping trends in workspace usage are being seen globally - focused on the ...

    Employees want workspace management solutions. Here's why.

    Employees want workspace management solutions. Don’t just take my word for it.

    Your free guide : How to launch a successful hybrid-working model

    Check out my video below, introducing our free guide to launching a successful hybrid working model, including:

    It’s time for companies to make a choice on how (or whether) to return to the office this summer.

    It’s time for companies to make a choice on how (or whether) to return to the office this summer.

    Employee wellbeing programmes, part 2: The 5 most important next steps

    In part one of this two-part blog, Space Connect founder, Matt Pope, explored the first 2 crucial steps in building an employee we...

    8 steps and 40 ideas for building your employee wellbeing programme

    Part 1: The first 2 of 8 crucial steps to building an employee wellbeing programme that delivers ROI.
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